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  • Popping Brain

    Popping Brain

    Novelty Poppin Brain- it is a simple toy gadget can effectively help you relieve stress, anxiety, & tension.Read More

  • 2oz Putty Sets

    2oz Putty Sets

    Hand therapy putty -Silicone-based putty is ideal for any rehabilitation program ,Not made with natural rubber latex, unscented, non-toxic.Each resistance level is consistent with therapy industry standards and recovery protocols from extra soft for strengthening the weakest...Read More

  • Stress String Ball

    Stress String Ball

    String stress ball ,Squeeze as a stress ball , fidget toy , finger strengthener , physical therapy exerciser , or hand strength trainer.Anti stress ball is the ultimate fidget toy for kids, as well as men.Read More

  • Exercise Hand Putty

    Exercise Hand Putty

    Hand exercise putty ,it is a hot physical therapy items .suitable for people whom want hands not stop and made some skills,Read More

  • Fun Silly Rainbow Slime

    Fun Silly Rainbow Slime

    Rainbow slime ball, hot selling on Amazon now . Specialty : Super Fun for Stress Relief. Non-Sticky. No worry about sticking your hands. Not messy at all. Smooth, Soft, Spreadable, Cool, Great consistency & Nice texture. You can poke it, stretch it, wiggle it, pour it...Read More

  • Glow In The Dark Slime Barrel

    Glow In The Dark Slime Barrel

    Barrel Oil GID slime ,always the popular items for kids. Barrel size : 55*75mm. Packing:12pcs per box Inisde slime : Any color. Free samples . Gross! A proven winner for young partiers. Get this Neon Slime. It’s not just a normal slime, it is highly visible in the dark...Read More

  • Squishy Beads Mesh Ball

    Squishy Beads Mesh Ball

    Do you need an effective and fun way to reduce daily stress in a whole natural way? Does your kid lose focus all the time and you need to find stimulating mechanisms to improve his/her attention? Are you sick and tired of easily torn apart mesh balls? If the answer to those...Read More

  • Sensory Squishy Stress Balls Sets

    Sensory Squishy Stress Balls Sets

    If you're looking for the highest quality stress ball for kids and squishy stress toys that don't break easily and will keep you entertained for hours, then our Squishy Stress Ball Pack is what you want! These squeeze ball toys are perfect for hyperactivity and...Read More

  • Squeezing Stress Relief Ball

    Squeezing Stress Relief Ball

    Stress relief ball-are designed to relieve anxiety and help promote better focus and clarity by helping ease bouts of ADHD, ADD or Autism.Read More

  • Exercise Therapy Putty

    Exercise Therapy Putty

    6pcs pack therapy putty ,gradually increase hand and grip strength with six distinct levels of resistance putty based on industry standard recovery protocols. The set includes therapy putty ranging from extra-extra soft to extra firm in easy to open, individual containers.Read More

  • Light Up Bouncing Hedgehog Ball

    Light Up Bouncing Hedgehog Ball

    Color Change LED Volleyball Flashing Light Up Bouncing Hedgehog BallRead More

  • Stress Relief World Map Foam Ball Atlas Globe Palm Ball Planet Earth Ball

    Stress Relief World Map Foam Ball Atlas Globe Palm Ball Planet Earth Ball

    Squeezing the ball A Stress ball is wonderful for relieving tension and pent up frustration.These stress balls have been handpicked to help kids manage daily stress. The globe design on these educational stress balls will appeal to any child and adult alike while improving...Read More

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