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  • Growing Dinosaurs Egg

    Growing Dinosaurs Egg

    Place the Grow Dino egg in a large container of cool water. Make sure the egg is fully submerged. Allow egg to sit in the water undisturbed for 48-72 hours. During this time, the Grow Dino will break out of its shell & begin to grow! Once the dino has fully broken out of...Read More

  • Magic Growing Snake

    Magic Growing Snake

    Growing snake ,be amazed with Magic Grow super snake that grows up to 48” long. Whether in a pool, a bath tub or just a big tub of water, enjoy the awesomely detailed snake that grows larger by the hour. Maybe scare a friend or family member with the HUGE snake, or just grow...Read More

  • Handheld Water Game

    Handheld Water Game

    With the Handheld Water you can keep yourself entertained for hours! It is a perfect way to pass your time in waiting rooms, long queues and when you are taking a break from work or studying. It is very fun and playing with it will get you hooked. You will want to have it in...Read More

  • Soft Sticky Baseball

    Soft Sticky Baseball

    Stick baseball, made by TPR material. has a sticky surface and soft, moldable core that "splats" and sticks to any flat surface - like walls, doors. Non toxic . When you throw it against and flat surface, it sticks! Throw at the Strike Zone Target or play catch with...Read More

  • Colorful Slime

    Colorful Slime

    Slime is a liquid that doesn't get you wet. It sticks together but it isn't sticky. You can tear it apart and it rejoins seamlessly ready to be poured back into its container, or thrown about as you bounce on a trampoline. No stick your hand or clothes. Confirms EN71,...Read More

  • Toilet Noise Putty

    Toilet Noise Putty

    It’s the best way to entertain your guests, not only for kids but also for adults. Friends, Colleagues, Relatives, everyone will enjoy playing with this Noise Putty. Make fun with your guests and listen to the silly fart sound! A great way to have fun in a party. Not everyone...Read More

  • Fruit Crystal Putty

    Fruit Crystal Putty

    Crystal fruit puttySet Features: they’re slippery, squishy, and a surprisingly fun and addictive sensory experience for kids of all ages. Educational toys like magic crystal fruit slime are given the top priority as we’d like to develop children creative thinking,...Read More

  • Flashing Spiky Ball

    Flashing Spiky Ball

    spiky balls are rubbery, squeezable, bouncy, and light up! the spiky light-up translucent balls feature a soft spiky-textured surface to touch, watch and experience. These spiky sensory balls are squishy and soft to touch. Simply bounce the ball on a firm surface to activate...Read More

  • Water Filled Bouncy Ball

    Water Filled Bouncy Ball

    LIGHT UP LED Flashing party favor bouncing balls are designed with a clear rubber shell, filled with water and animals / ribbons/ glitter on the inside, and the coolest detail is every ball is equipped with rainbow sparking LED lights. No Switches, No Batteries Required....Read More

  • Rubber Bouncing Ball

    Rubber Bouncing Ball

    Our bouncy balls are made from a high bounce rubber that makes them extra bouncy. They’re also lightweight and easy to throw making them perfect for little hands. Make kids’ parties even more special when you send them home with this special surprise. Balls provide awesome...Read More

  • Smiley Face Bouncing Balls

    Smiley Face Bouncing Balls

    Light Up Smiley Balls. A lightweight Light Up Colourful tpr balls sporting a cheerful expression. Flashing soft, firm, rubbery ball with smiley face design. The lightweight tpr ball, suitable for indoors, or outdoors play, is wonderfully squishy and great for catching...Read More

  • Flashing Air Bouncy Ball

    Flashing Air Bouncy Ball

    Super Sized Air Bounce Ball with Flashing LEDs is large and in charge! Throw them, bounce them, catch them or give these Flashing Balls out as party favors - they're a sure hit with kids AND adults. These lightweight LED Toy Balls come in assorted color packs to please...Read More