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Galaxy Egg Colorful Crystal Slime Putty Mud

Galaxy Egg Colorful Crystal Slime Putty Mud

The slime putty tt is super soft with bright color, and looks like jelly, feels like soft ice, can fully meet kids strong curiosity, stretch, fold & pull the kids putty to mold it into various shapes, easy modeling and DIY

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Product Details

Galaxy egg colorful crystal putty ;

Real egg size plastic egg ,inside colorful crystal slime putty . 

The slime inside  is Super light, soft, no smell, easy modeling. Extremely resistant and thick it provides a great deal of deep pressure and joint compressions. As you squeeze, fold, and even pull the slime, you are sending signals to your brain that are calming and organizing. It is beneficial to the development of children's intelligence.

also it is incredibly satisfying to play with - squeeze it, twist it, smash it, stretch it slowly or create arts with it, super soft, helps adult decompress, and prevent senile dementia in a certain extent, wonderful stress and anxiety reducer.

the slime of purified water and eco-friendly gelatin, no additives, and it is nonirritating to the skin or eyes and totally non-toxic,you will fall in love with this Floam Slime. But absolutely cannot eat , suitable for children over the age of 6

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