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With A Small, Solid, Wear-resistant, Reusable
- May 15, 2018 -

Rubber ball is a versatile rubber accessory that can be used in vibration equipment, toys, printing, decoration and other industries.

1. The rubber ball and the silica gel ball are indispensable accessories on the vibration equipment. The rubber ball plays an important role in the operation of the vibrating screen. It mainly simulates the artificially kept slap screen surface and can achieve the effect of not blocking the mesh. The wearing parts in the shaker are generally recommended to be replaced one to two years (it depends on the bounce ball wear).

2. As the name implies, the bullet ball is used above the gun, but what is sold here is not a real bullet. It is a kind of toy air gun bullet that is suitable for entertainment in the park, entertainment city and scenic spot.

The main types of rubber ball:

First, the rubber ball is divided into three kinds of ordinary rubber ball (white ball), silicone ball, bullet ball from the material.

1, ordinary rubber ball is used natural rubber is mainly used for the screening of general materials on the shaker.

2. The silicone rubber ball has the advantages of good elasticity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and easy to fall off. It is mainly applicable to the screening of industrial materials with relatively high sanitary requirements such as food, medicine and chemical industry.

3. The bullet ball adopts a composite material with characteristics of small solid elasticity, wear resistance, and repeated use (elasticity can be customized according to requirements).