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Toys For Angry People To Vent
- May 15, 2018 -

Venting Ball, also known as Venting Ball, is a kind of toy that can be vented by angry people. It has tomatoes, eggs, strawberries, oranges and other shapes.

Made of memory rubber, it fell on a smooth surface and was immediately crushed into a beach. It slowly slid together and returned to its original shape. For young people, children vent their emotions. It's as simple as washing your hands if you're playing dirty. You can take a look at it with clean water and continue to vent.

When consulting with a dermatologist, it was learned that venting the ball to the ground can easily lead to the growth of a large number of bacteria on the surface of the sphere. The human body is in contact with the bacteria-carrying ball, which can easily cause upper respiratory infections and food poisoning. In addition, the fluid in the venting ball is not tap water and will cause damage to the skin. Wash hands after 

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