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The Most Abundant And Cost-effective
- May 16, 2018 -

Fans can make the best tools for their own needs. The method is: Choose a piece of transparent plexiglass with a thickness of 3--4 mm. First draw a pencil on the plexiglass to outline the knife, then use a hook knife to hook the knife off. Then use a guillotine knife to roughly trim the edge of the knife, and then use a water-abrasive paper to smooth the knife. Finally, use a thick cloth that is squeezed on the toothpaste or sesame oil to wipe it repeatedly until the surface of the knife is smooth, shiny, and smooth.

Of course, from the perspective of education and convenience, parents can buy branded clay for the children in the market. According to the different themes of the color mud, they will usually be accompanied by corresponding molds. For example, 'cool ice cream', there will be ice cream compressors, roller sticks, trays and small plastic knives, as well as small aprons and small hats. This can be decided according to the children's preferences. At present, there are more brands in the market to choose from. For example, the oldest and most high-end brands are Peleduo, the most abundant and cost-effective.