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Puzzle Features Highlighted, Colorful, Colorful
- May 15, 2018 -

Rainbow Circle (English name Rainbow spring, formerly known as slinky machine ghost), known as the magic circle in Taiwan, is a spiral spring toy, but also a physical toy. If it is placed on the stairs, it will continue to recover under the joint action of gravity and due to the inertia along the steps, and will return to the interesting state of “stage down”.

The Rainbow Circle is a kind of educational toy that looks like a simple spring. It can train the eye-hand coordination ability of people (as young as 3 years old and up to the elderly). Can also change a variety of gameplay, exercise innovation ability, there are many enthusiasts in the competition games, becoming an age-appropriate, widely circulated educational toys.

Initially, when the Rainbow Circle appeared in people's sights under the name of “Miu Miao Circle”, it was only a small toy. Few people understood or were willing to understand its origin. However, as its educational function is highlighted, brilliant and varied, people are gradually coming to the fore, and people gradually realize the magic of the “Miu Miao Circle”.

Perhaps when many people are talking about the origin of the Rainbow Circle, they will first reflect the development of a certain toy house at a certain time. But surprisingly, the Rainbow Circle was invented by a navy.

In 1943, when US naval engineers and colleagues Richard James were doing experiments at a shipyard in Philadelphia, in order to develop the best strong-wave anti-seismic parts, springs with excellent elasticity were selected. However, he did not think that during the experiment, Chad James inadvertently touched a spring, and the spring slowly "walked" from the shelf with elasticity.

As a result, the excellent elasticity of the spring was paid attention to by Chad James. He took home the spring and let the wife Betty, a witty wife, look at the elastic mysteries that existed. However, he did not think that in the process of developing spring mysteries, Betty turned the spring into a toy. This is the first rainbow circle.