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Not Only Meet The Fitness Effect, But Also Integrates Fashion
- May 16, 2018 -

In the 21st century, health has been given unprecedented attention. In recent years, the climax of square fitness has risen throughout the country. Fitness products have also become the most popular demand. The rainbow ball came into being. According to the comprehensive survey report of the China Fitness Products Association, the fitness product market will grow at a rate of 40% per year, and sales in 2012 alone will exceed 150 billion yuan!

The emerging fitness toy, Rainbow Ball Rainbow, is composed of a four-meter-long five rainbow, connecting line, universal connecting ring, pull ring, and elastic ball. It can dance dozens of patterns and shapes freely. Like a moving rainbow, draw a beautiful arc.

Rainbow ball toy not only meets the effects of fitness, but also integrates fashion and trend into one, is clever and flexible, easy to carry, women in the workplace may be busy because of work, there is no large section of time used for fitness, rainbow ball is based on urban white-collar workers. This demand, in the busy schedule to take the time to play rainbow ball, you can achieve fitness sculpting effect.