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Heat And Humidity Resistance, Good Radiation Resistance
- May 15, 2018 -

1, epoxy type soft crystal glue:

It is a liquid, two-component, soft, self-drying, crystalline gel. It is colorless, transparent, and elastic. It gently scratches the surface to restore its original shape. Suitable for polyester, paper, plastic and other signs decoration.

2. Epoxy Hard Crystal Glue:

It is a liquid type, two-component rigid crystal glue, colorless, transparent, suitable for metal signs can be made at the same time a variety of crystal buttons, crystal caps, crystal wood comb, crystal crafts and other high-end accessories.

3, PU polyurethane type soft crystal glue:

It is a liquid type, two-component PU polyurethane resin surface fullness, wear resistance, impact resistance, yellowing resistance, aging resistance, high transparency, high softness, suitable for the manufacture of high-grade trademarks, car nameplate, decals, badges And other decorations.

1, Crystal plastic appearance: colorless transparent viscous liquid, no mechanical impurities;

2, Crystal glue curing speed;

3, strong adhesion, fully meet the bonding requirements;

4, the formation of a high transmittance of the glue layer, the light transmittance after curing ≥ 90%;

5, resistance to heat and humidity aging, good radiation resistance, can maintain a good long-term bonding effect;

6, safety and toxicity characteristics: no volatile components, no risk of inhalation, the glue is actually non-toxic after curing, easy to use and safe;

7, good storage stability, storage period at room temperature is six months.