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Has A Strong Plasticity, Environmental Protection, Non-toxic And Tasteless
- May 15, 2018 -

Clay is a soil with few sandy particles and sticky soil, and water does not easily pass through it to have good plasticity. General clays are formed by silicate minerals that are weathered on the surface of the earth. They are generally weathered in situ. The particles are larger and the composition is close to the original stone. It is called primary clay or a clay. The clay is mainly composed of silica and alumina, white and fire-resistant, and is the main raw material for the preparation of china clay.

Clay is one of the most popular manual molding materials in recent years. Its characteristics are strong plasticity, non-toxic and odorless, clean and non-sticky, and it does not crack when it is air-dried. The work made is vivid and realistic, and it reaches the realm of confusion. Currently widely used in children's intellectual development, art teaching, doll production, applicable population include children 3-5 years old, students, artisanal lovers and so on.