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Flexible, Flexible, Safe And Comfortable
- May 15, 2018 -

Massage ball, made of PVC material, flexible, flexible, safe and comfortable. Long-term exercise and good health The antennae on the surface of the ball massage your skin, stimulate the nerve endings, promote blood circulation, relax nervous nerves, enhance the flexibility of the body, improve balance ability, consume excess fat, and create a charming body. Enjoy unique fun. Easy to transport and store.

Massage ball is a kind of iron ball in Baoding, in the ordinary iron ball surface attached to the ball, in the hands of the same time can better massage the hands of acupuncture points, massage the effect of acupuncture points in the hands, it was named massage ball.

When the blacksmith entertained acupuncture points when talking with the doctors, the blacksmiths began to meditate on their thoughts. The iron balls on the surface were smooth and the massage on the points was not ideal. What kind of methods could be used to enhance the massage? After repeated reflections, the blacksmiths began to try to add small iron balls to the surface of ordinary iron balls. After 36 attempts, they finally created a massage ball suitable for people to turn. This type of massage ball was deeply loved by the common people. After the further development and upgrading of the Wang’s blacksmith, it formed a common massage ball.