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Good stickiness and plasticity
- May 15, 2018 -

Clays are generally formed from silicate minerals that have weathered the surface of the earth. Generally weathered in situ, the particles are larger and the components are close to the original stone, which is called primary clay or primary clay. The clay is mainly composed of silica and alumina, white and fire-resistant, and is the main raw material for the preparation of china clay.

As the clay continues to weather and age, it is transported by water and wind, and a thick layer of clay is formed downstream, called secondary or secondary clay. This clay is contaminated with more metal oxides, darker colors and lower refractoriness. Due to good stickiness and plasticity, it is the main raw material for preparing clay.

Kaolin clay is a soft clay mainly composed of kaolinite subgroup minerals. It is mainly composed of kaolinite minerals. In nature, the minerals that make up kaolin are clay minerals and non-clay minerals. The color is white, the maximum whiteness is greater than 95%, and the hardness is 1~4.