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Effectively exercise baby's coordination ability
- May 15, 2018 -

At this time, the baby's interest in the ball is to concentrate on this round thing on the one hand, and enjoy the touch and grab the ball on the other hand. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggests that parents and fathers and mothers may wish to prepare some cute and different texture of the ball for the baby, such as rubber balls spliced into different materials, or a massage ball with a small knot above.

At this point, the baby likes to sit opposite you on the floor and play the game of rolling balls together. In a few days, he may have the ability to throw the ball, of course, is no purpose and no goal to throw. But he does not tire of it, so you have to prepare enough patience to help him pick up the ball, but this can effectively exercise your baby's coordination ability.

Most mothers feel that this time, they are more like a handball player to practice. That's right, the baby is now a master of throwing the ball, skilled, and very powerful. Not only does he like to throw the rubber ball over his head and throw it out hard, he also likes to play the game of passing each other with you.

2 years old: The baby's throwing is getting more and more precise, and now he wants to start a more difficult exercise - kicking the ball, passing the ball. The advantage of low center of gravity has given him the qualities that football players should have. Therefore, he can easily handle the ball and get more and more aggressive.

3 years old: Your little sports hero has the ability to play regular football or basketball, and some babies can accurately kick the ball to goal. When the weather is fine, you may wish to take him to the stadium to show his skills.