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Brain puzzle, relieve tension, eliminate fatigue
- May 15, 2018 -

Chinese medicine studies have shown that long-term use of exercise balls can not only regulate the central nervous system, enhance memory, develop intelligence, improve thinking ability, eliminate brain fatigue, but also reconcile qi, blood, health and internal organs. Very good treatment for high blood pressure, neurasthenia, hand neuritis, muscle spasms, post-stroke upper limb (especially hand) dysfunction, fingertip numbness, arm fatigue, upper limb arthritis, poor hand circulation, etc. And health effects.

Chinese medicine commented on the fitness ball function:

First, dredge the meridians and regulate blood flow. The body's organs, limbs, facial features, skin, meridians, and other meridians constitute an important physiological function, that is, transmission of blood to all parts of the body and nutrition.

Second, inlining organs, enhance function. Chinese medicine believes that the palm and the internal organs of the human body pass through the meridians, nerves, blood vessels, and so on, linking the two closely. According to this special relationship between the internal organs and the hands and feet, the palms can often be adjusted by using the palm balls. Balanced yin and yang, enhanced viscera function, and improved viscera imbalance to achieve the goal of fitness treatment.

Third, exercise, enhance physical strength. With both hands practicing the fitness ball, all fingers need to exert strength, and the rotation is used for coordination. In order to maintain long-term exercise, the finger strength is obviously strengthened, and physical strength is bound to increase accordingly.

Fourth, active joints, eliminate pain. Iron balls are often used to prevent joints from aging and the fingers and elbows and shoulder joints are flexed and stretched, which has an effect on all arthritis.

Five, Shujinhuoxue, hemiplegia treatment. For the patients with mild stroke sequelae, the ancient folks had the exercise method of turning walnuts and pedaling round sticks, but the use of iron balls was better.

Sixth, regulate nerves and improve sleep. The hand is not only a moving organ, but also a very sensitive tactile organ. As the saying goes, the fingers refer to the heart, which means that the fingers are particularly sensitive to pain. Through the stimulation of the sphere's opponents and nerve endings, it can effectively regulate the functional activities of the cerebral cortex, so that the disordered autonomic nerves are adjusted to improve sleep.

Seven, friction and static electricity, relieve cervical spondylosis. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, when the iron ball rotates and massages the acupuncture points, the electrostatic and thermal effects generated between the iron ball and the palm of the hand are transmitted to the entire body through the acupuncture points. This static and thermal effect is very effective for cervical spondylosis and frozen shoulder. Significantly, these diseases can be well prevented and relieved.

Playing health care balls also lowers blood pressure, brains, puzzles, relieve tension, and eliminate fatigue.