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Exercise Therapy Putty

Exercise Therapy Putty

6pcs pack therapy putty ,gradually increase hand and grip strength with six distinct levels of resistance putty based on industry standard recovery protocols. The set includes therapy putty ranging from extra-extra soft to extra firm in easy to open, individual containers.

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Product Details

 Hand therapy putty -6pcs pack

 Material : Silicon Gum

 Packing : 6pcs per tube ( 6 difference resistance )

 Weight : 85g for each small container.

 Shipping : By sea /express

 OEM avaliable .

Hand therapy putty - Perfect for rehabilitation, physical or occupational therapy, manipulating the therapy putty strengthens the hand muscles, improves fine motor skills and relieves stress. Variable resistance putty can be squeezed, pinched, stretched and twisted to effectively work the hand muscles and to provide a sensory outlet for students. Great for strengthening the hands of massage therapists, pianists, string musicians, and athletes

It is safety ,non toxic,latex free,and durable.

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