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Hand Exercise Toys

  • Exercise Therapy Putty

    Exercise Therapy Putty

    6pcs pack therapy putty ,gradually increase hand and grip strength with six distinct levels of resistance putty based on industry standard recovery protocols. The set includes therapy putty ranging from extra-extra soft to extra firm in easy to open, individual containers.Read More

  • Hand Therapy Putty

    Hand Therapy Putty

    Hand therapy putty is used in physical therapy and occupational therapy settings. Its practical approach allows it to treat a variety of issues with the hand, wrist and fingers including carpal tunnel, tendonitis, weaknesses in grip strength and much more. it is made by...Read More

  • Bouncing Putty Clay Toys

    Bouncing Putty Clay Toys

    Bounce it, mold it, squish it, toss it and just have fun with it! Unlike regular slimes & putties, this putty is not only gooey, but bouncy too! Break this out at a Birthday party and watch the kids have a great time. Just form it into the shape of your choice & toss...Read More

  • Bouncing Putty

    Bouncing Putty

    Bouncing Putty can stretch like rubber and bounce like a ball, and because it's silicone-based, it won't dry out or crumble over time. It's part toy, part stress reliever, part physical therapy and entirely addictive. Once you start playing, it's hard to stop!...Read More

  • Glow in Dark Putty

    Glow in Dark Putty

    Glow In The Dark Putty Changes From A Creamy Amber Color to Bright Green! Charge with sunlight or our Blacklight Keychain for fantastic brightness! Wakeup before sunrise to see it glowing hours later! Made in the China of non-toxic silicone, stretch like rubber and bounce...Read More

  • Change Color Putty

    Change Color Putty

    Change color putty , Available in a variety of colours and shapes, all with their special characteristics –The putty will change color when the temperature higher than 33 degree.You may rub it in your hand to increase the temperature or put it into a warm water. It is a...Read More

  • Magetic Putty

    Magetic Putty

    Magnetic putty is made of safe, non-toxic material, it is relatively elastic. You may bounce it when kneaded, or stretch it, even tear it apart and then combine. In addition, it will not be sticky to your hands. It contains magnet component. Put any magnet close to the putty...Read More

  • Squeeze Brain Balls

    Squeeze Brain Balls

    Read More

  • Pull Stretch Ball

    Pull Stretch Ball

    The stretch ball, can Smoosh, squeeze, stretch, pull, toss and bounce - these balls will immediately return to their original round shape. Makes for a great gift! Made with 100% high-quality thermoplastic rubber, they are hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and free of BPAs, phthalates...Read More

  • Splat Egg Toys

    Splat Egg Toys

    It looks like a 2 inch water-filled ball until you throw it against the wall, then it turns into a splat egg! A amusing novelty toy, and fun to demonstrate. This small plastic toy is non-toxic, filled with filtered water and contain no lead. You can squeeze it, squish it,...Read More

  • Emoji Splat Ball

    Emoji Splat Ball

    This collection of splat balls features a variety of emoticons. When you throw the splat ball at a hard surface, it will stick for a while, and then slowly tumble to the ground. Our splat toys boast a super-squeezable rubbery texture. An emoticon is a symbol of emotion...Read More

  • Eyes Splat Ball

    Eyes Splat Ball

    Eyes splat ball, made by soft, sticky TPR material . full with pure water inside .we can stress it by hand , through it on a flat surface , the you will see the ball “splats”. After 5s, will come back to original shape; It’s the perfect way to end a long meeting and a great...Read More

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